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What Dates are Available?

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Availability Calendar

What is Included with my Reservation?

Chateau provides linens and a fully equipped kitchen, so you will only need to bring personal items (body soap, shampoo, hair dryer, etc.) and grocery items. However, if you are reserving the cabin for a holiday, please bring any specialty cooking pans or utensils you might need to prepare your holiday meal. A washer and dryer is provided and also laundry detergent for your use. Adequate paper products (toilet paper and paper towels) are supplied to meet the cabin’s capacity. Should they be needed, additional supplies must be purchased by the renter.

Rental Equipment?

Performance Rental (435-946-8735)
1414 North Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

Ideal Beach RV Park (435-946-5800)
2410 South Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

North Beach Rentals (208-945-5500)
7 Miles East of St. Charles, ID on north beach road

Bear Lake Funtime (435-946-3200)
1217 south Bear Lake Blvd. Garden City, UT

Are Ther Any Grocery Stores in the Area?

There is limited selection for grocery shopping in the area. You may want to do any shopping prior to getting into the valley. The closest store to this rental cabin is The Lakeview Market located at the KOA about three miles north on Bear Lake Boulevard. It is a small store but has a good selection of Western Family products and some fresh produce.

Can I Bring my Pet With Me?

We do not allow pets at this time. We cannot make an exception no matter how small or well behaved the pet is. (PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD THIS POLICY AS IT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE & ENTIRE LOSS OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT.)

Can I Smoke in the Cabin?

We have a strict no smoking policy in our cabin or on our property! Inform all of your guests of this strict policy prior to arrival. (PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD THIS POLICY AS IT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE & ENTIRE LOSS OF YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT.)

What Time is Check-In and Check-Out?

CHECK-IN IS AT 4:00 P.M: To make certain housekeeping has all the time it needs to prepare the cabin we cannot offer early check-in or late check-out. Please do not attempt to check in early. Our cabin books frequently and often at the last minute which makes it very difficult to guarantee a check in earlier than 4:00 P.M.

CHECK-OUT IS AT 10:00 A.M: It is our mission to provide the cleanest cabin possible so that our guests will come back to stay with us in the future! The 6 hour window between check-out and check-in allows just enough time for the cabin to be cleaned and for the hot tub to be cleaned and sanitized between guests. Please help our housekeeping staff stay on schedule without inconveniencing the next guest by checking out on time and following the check-out procedures handed to you at check-in & posted in the cabin.


What if I Leave Something at the Cabin?

When you leave the cabin at 10:00 A.M. it is very likely that another party will be checking in at 4:00 P.M. If you leave something at the cabin, please call the office immediately and we will try to locate it for you. If it is not found by our staff or the cleaning staff prior to the next guest’s arrival, it may not be there when they leave. We cannot be responsible for your lost item.

If an item is found, there is a minimum $50 charge for shipping and handling. Please make sure you get everything when you leave.